Who We Serve

⦁ The Journeymen of San Diego provides mentoring to masculine/male youth.

⦁ The Journeymen of San Diego provides mentoring to masculine/male youth.

⦁ Ages 18-26, who are in transition from state custody/foster care, and/or suffering from homelessness, mental illness, or are at-risk of falling behind. 

⦁ The population known as transitional age youth (TAY)

are Young masculine/male TAY lacking a mentor as a critical resource for success in their lives.


How we Achieve This:

⦁  We Facilitate a monthly open fellowship meeting the Second Sunday of every Month
⦁ By Providing a structured curriculum that identifies and addresses the barriers TAY face and teach them the tools to overcome these unique challenges.

⦁ Share our authentic experiences, skills and resources to support young men through their challenges
⦁ Develop programming for a mentoring retreat offered to the San Diego TAY population
⦁ All young masculine/men transitioning out of foster care AND/OR are at risk of facing adversity deserve the critical assets of a positive mentor in their lives. Personal, academic and professional successes are difficult to achieve as these young people are faced with challenges and adversity during this difficult transitioning period to adulthood. 


  • Young men who have been exposed to adverse childhood trauma, such as violence in the family or community, their likelihood of struggle increases and they have a harder time overcoming adversity as they strive to become successful young adults with limited resources.  
    Research has shown that for boys in particular, matching young men with male mentors who share the same culture, race, ethnicity, or interests and having mentors focus on teaching specific skills rather than simply trying to develop emotional connections have the greatest impact for these young people.
    ⦁ The Journeymen of San Diego don’t just want to treat their problems, we want to help them define and create a legacy built on the foundations of what it means to be a man.  
  • We are building a movement that prioritizes the discussion on:
  •  Providing and caring for their children to keep them safe and healthy
  •  Supporting their access to high quality apprentices and education
  •  Keeping a healthy social, physical and emotional well-being
  • Increasing entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency
  •  Ending their participation in the criminal justice system and reduce recidivism
    ⦁ We mobilize the voices of the young male TAY population by facilitating grassroots initiatives and public education to address these specific gender population challenges.  The Journeymen of San Diego does this by collaborating with former foster youth, current/former TAY, and state and local community partners.
    ⦁ The success of our nations masculine male TAY population lies central to a positive mentor in the young persons life.

⦁ That’s why we are strengthening our communities by fostering the development of young masculine/men that will achieve professional success, become socially and emotionally aware and feel empowered to confront any challenge they face in our families and our communities.