The Journeymen of San Diego











“The Journeymen of San Diego is a grass-roots group of professional male mentors trained to assist and support masculine/male transitional age youth (TAY), who are facing adversity during a difficult transitioning period to adulthood such exiting the foster care system, struggling with mental health issues, and/or suffering from homelessness.”

Some Troubling Statistics

  • Children with a diagnosed disability of any kind, including a learning disability, are twice as likely to age out of the foster care system.
  • Over 1/3 of all foster teen boys will be incarcerated before age 21.
  • After “aging out,” 25% of foster teens will become homeless.
  • Nearly 60% of young men who age out of the foster care system and are legally emancipated have been convicted of a crime


To develop men that will achieve professional success, become socially and emotionally aware, and feel empowered to confront any challenge.


To empower young men with the tools and structures to being successful in life personally and professionally.